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Fat Secrets – Unvealing a healthy life

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At everyone’s heart and soul, they just know they don’t like being fat. From the feelings of breathlessness as you walk up the stairs, to trying to get clothes to fit, to trying to tie up sneaker laces to simply getting up off the floor. Being fat is unhealthy, unattractive to most and depressing!i People still make “fat jokes”! It’s one of the last frontiers of discrimination. There are fat comedians—but they use their size to get laughs. There are fat politicians, but people wonder if they can get elected because they set a “bad example” There are fat actresses—but they nearly always get the roles where they play pathetic, lonely women. But beyond all the media portrayals, being fat is unhealthy and most people, if they haven’t given up would like to gain (or regain) that slim or trim figure. And those people who have disruptive psychological issues to deal with such as eating disorders or an abuse history certainly want to lose weight. Often, the problem is just how to do it.

What is the secret of fat? What are the secrets to losing weight? Some would say that one secret is that it is just a matter of “will power” or “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” or “just say no” Welll…..not so much—the secret may be that you have a choice—for some, that choice is easy, for others, not so easy, but, it IS a choice. So fine, now you’ve made the choice to lose weight and you hear all sorts of information and read all sorts of tips—some of this information is good, some, well, not so good.
The BIG secret is that the key to being healthy is to eat healthy! That makes sense, doesn’t it? In order to BE healthy, you have to eat nutrient rich healthy foods! Simple—once you have made your choice to lose weight and be healthy, there IS a healthy, common sense approach!

Now, once your make the choice to lose weight, and you know that the simplest, most logical approach is to eat nutrient rich foods, you also need to increase your level of physical activity. Do this slowly and evenly—most people give up on their exercise plan because they did too much too fast! Pace yourself and choose to do the things you enjoy! If you aren’t attracted to the idea of running, you are not likely to keep doing it! But, if you like the idea of a gym, or a personal trainer to help you along, you increase your chances of success!

So, make the choice to lose weight, learn about nutrient rich foods, start a reasonable exercise plan and begin your weight loss journey!

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